Energy - Oil - Automobiles - Environment - Technology

We have a business portfolio of products & technologies related to the important drivers of the economy - oil, energy & automobiles, meeting the objectives of efficiency improvement and reduction in pollution.

After a considerable initial struggle to create acceptance of the new concept of "fuel additives", over the last 5 years we have marketed over 5 million litres of additives in India.

Conservatively estimated, use of our additives has generated fuel savings of 425 thousand tonnes and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by over 1.3 million tonnes.


We are committed to follow our established norms, based on idealistic standards, with continuous improvement, for ethical business conduct.

We pride in very clean business practices and endeavour to strictly adhere to all requirements of law.


We have set continuously evolving high standards for customer satisfaction through service. Adhering to delivery schedules, prompt response to all customer needs, on site assistance and support for operating data analysis related to us of our products & services, are activities where we benchmark ourselves against the best multinationals.

Customer satisfaction is a key criterion for internally assessing our performance.


Systems and processes developed to maintain high quality standards in all facets of company business. We are an ISO 9001 certified company.