Conserve the energy loss due to friction, fuel savings up to 6%
Friction Modifier

Friction modifiers are added to lubricants in order to reduce friction and wear in machine components. The total energy available in the fuel, the energy used to move the vehicle is less than 30%.

Astonishingly small proportion.

Frictional losses in the engine could be as high as 35% in typical Indian driving conditions. Over 20% frictional losses occur in the top end of the combustion chamber where the lubricant does not reach. In addition, there is frictional loss in the fuel injection pump where a very high pressure in developed, and in the fuel Injectors.

In these parts, the friction reduction has to be achieved by the fuel itself. Energy lost due to friction is very large.

Even a small reduction results in considerable fuel economy. Thus, 6% improvement of fuel efficiency is derived established by a range of laboratory and road tests.

International Centre for Automotive Technology, Manesar, near Delhi have tested AC 2010 A on 6 TATA and 5 Ashok Leyland vehicles for over 15,000 kms each in commercial real life running and reported a diesel saving of 6.28%.

  • Far Superior to earlier generation additives.
  • Excellent injector cleanliness performance.
  • Sustaining optimum fuel atomization.
  • Improves Cetane number
  • Ease in cold start.
  • Better combustion.
  • Optimum fuel atomization and improved combustion quality lead to further fuel economy.
  • Better drivability & more power.
  • Reduced engine deposits and hence lower maintenance costs.
  • Reduced emissions and reduced engine noise.
  • Protection against corrosion.

DOSAGE: 1000 ppm i.e. 1 Litre in 1000 Litres of Diesel

PACKING: 1 Litre, 250ml and 100 ml containers

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