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ADON P is a multifunctional petrol additive with a unique Friction Modifier sourced from TOTAL, France. It is being marketed by Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. through their Retail Outlets all over India under a Collaboration agreement with TOTAL France. The main functions of ADON P are to improve fuel economy, reduce harmful emissions and keep the engine and injectors clean in petrol driven vehicles.

Fouling of the fuel system and engine components causes
  • Reduced power and loss of acceleration
  • Increase in fuel consumption
  • Increase in emissions, especially CO, HC and NOx
  • Octane requirement gets affected.
  • Deterioration of engine oil quality.
  • Increase in maintenance costs due to frequent settings, cleaning, corrosion etc.

  • Incomplete combustion leads to increase in harmful CO and HC emissions.
  • Increase in fuel consumption

  • A technically correct and most cost effective option to overcome all problems caused by deposits is the use of multifunctional additives like ADON P with proven Deposit control performance.
  • The additive ADON P is a fifth generation additive which provides 'CLEAN UP' and 'KEEP CLEAN' performance in injectors, intake valve and combustion chamber.
  • Unique performance in reducing combustion chamber deposits and thereby reducing ORI (Octane Requirement Increase).

Regular use of ADON P will give the following benefits:
  • Reduces Intake valve and manifold deposits by more than 60% on an average. The actual results show close to Zero IVD compared to a Specification limit of 50 mg/valve as per MB M102E.
  • Removes Carburetor and Injector deposits and keeps entire fuel system clean.
  • Friction Modifier is a very unique component in ADON P, not normally a part of other competitive additives, that provides friction reduction benefit at the top end of the engines where lubricant is not designed to reach and also in the crankcase in addition to any FM present in engine oil. It is an important benefit when higher injection pressures with MPFI engines have become the order of the day.
  • Reduces fuel consumption by 4 to 5 %
  • Reduces smoke emissions - CO by 50 % and unburnt HC by 20% . Emission results of cars and two wheelers who use ADON P regularly show close to Zero levels of CO and 50-100 ppm of HC , which are very much below the Bharat Stage IV norms.
  • Improves vehicle driveability.
  • PFI deposit of Zero against 5% max limit allowed as per Chrysler PFI test.
  • .Protects fuel system against corrosion.
  • .Reduces maintenance costs.

  • The Ministry of Industries, France has certified that the use of this additive does not do any harm to the engine and environment. This certification is a mandatory legal requirement in Europe. It is a totally ashless product and does not contain any metallic constituents.
  • Automobile Manufacturers?Association, U.K. has approved TOTAL gasoline additive to meet all technical requirements of gasoline.
  • Passing Fuel Economy Test at International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT),Manesar.
  • ADON P meets the following requirements:
    • Carburetor cleanliness merit rating of 9.6 against a specification of 8 ( minimum ) on Renault 5 engine with CEC F-03-T-81 method.
    • Injector cleanliness on Puegeot 205 GTI engine with IFP method allowing a maximum of 2% Flow rate reduction.
    • Injector cleanliness on Chrysler PFI test ( ASTM D 5598 -95A ) of Zero Flow Loss against 5 % maximum allowable limit.
    • Inlet Valve Deposit of Zero as per M111 CEC F 20-A-98 IVD Performance Test .
    • Intake valve cleanliness on Opel Kadett engine of 9.6 merit rating against a minimum merit rating of 9 with CRC method.
    • Pass in Valve Sticking Performance by CEC F-16-T-96 Test method in VW Wasserboxer engine

  • At the regular dosage of 1000 ppm,( i.e. ) 1 ml in 1 Litre of petrol , the cost of the additive will be about 2.5 % of the fuel cost.
  • ADON P is available in 5ml pouch and 20ml and 100 ml bottle packing