Long Term Relationships

All the relationships that we have with our overseas principals and associates are long term. We maintain the same philosophy of developing long term relationships with our Indian associates - suppliers, distributors, dealers and consultants.

Human Resource Philosophy

Harness potential of bright, talented personnel of under privileged rural background.

Intensive training to develop thorough understanding of our range of products and applications, including all inter related subjects.

Policy to support educational needs of employees' children.

Employees’ participation in company equity

Truck Driver Association

It is estimated that 60% of the trucks, out of a total truck population of over 4 million approximately, are owned by operators who own between 1 to 5 trucks. More than 80% trucks operated are in the unorganized sector. The diesel consumption in this sector is over 50 million tonnes per annum valued at Rs. 1,60,000 crores per annum. The entire truck driver population is less than 10th class pass and a very large proportion is less than 7th pass or even less than 4th class pass.

We believe that the truck driver community deserves dignity and honour and attention for skill development to manage the huge resource deployed by them, more professionally and efficiently. Also, the largest users of our TOTAL diesel additive AC 2010 A, are the truck drivers. There are several villages in India with a very large population of truck drivers. One such village is Ghasera, in Nhu (Mewat) district in Haryana, with a population of 12500, of which 2500 are truck drivers.

As a modest gesture to address the life style needs of the people of Ghasera village, we have opened a modern shop with facilities which include clean and hygienic toilets and bathrooms,(maintained at 3 star standards), a laundry equipped with a washing machine and purified cold drinking water. Other products offered include seeds and fertilizers, milk and milk products, and various items of household use. All products are offered at very low prices with very cost effective sourcing and no margins.

There is a plan to arrange bi weekly classes in music for the children of the village, with the support of a professional music school, like Gandharva Vidyalaya, cricket coaching and training in embroidery and tailoring. Training classes for truck drivers covering safe and fuel efficient driving and truck operation economics are being organized periodically. The multi functional diesel additive, TOTAL AC 2010 A is also on offer at the shop.

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