Neo Petcon India Private Limited was formed in 1995. The promoters are all engineering professionals with extensive experience in business and industry. The thrust areas defined were energy efficiency improvement and environment improvement, with new relevant technologies and this focus continues today.

The 25-year-old company markets cutting edge technology for the automobile and the refinery sector aimed at energy conservation and environment protection.

We have a business portfolio of products & technologies related to the important drivers of the economy - oil, energy & automobiles, meeting the objectives of efficiency improvement and reduction in pollution. The principals associated with us are TOTAL, France; Petroval France (a subsidiary of TOTAL, France).

After a considerable initial struggle to create acceptance of the new concept of "fuel additives", since inception we have marketed over 10 million litres of additives in India.

Conservatively estimated, use of our additives has generated fuel savings of 615 million tonnes and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by over 1.9 billion tonnes.